New Website, Same Great Content

Hello, all!

You may be wondering what is up with the odd name choice. SlingShot Sports? That doesn’t even make sense! Well, I wish I could say that it has some deeper meaning, or that it’s a reference that only “real sports fans” would understand, but alas, I cannot.

My name is Chase Gage. My fantasy football team name is Slingshot enGAGE (Talladega Nights reference and a pun all in the same name?!?). Thus, Slingshot Sports was born.

I began my sportswriting journey on my personal website but I have since outgrown it in terms of sportswriting. I will still keep it up and running, though all sports content will now be distributed via this site. It will make for a much better experience for both myself, and of course, you, the readers.

I hope you enjoy this site even more than you did my other one. I can’t wait to take the next step towards my goals through your help and support.

  • Chase

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