The NFL’s Finest: Top 10 Quarterbacks of 2017

The NFL’s Finest

Aug 27, 2017

by Chase Gage


The NFL season is fast approaching (though not fast enough, ugh). With only two weeks until kickoff, there are a few looming questions.

Who will win the Super Bowl? Will the Cowboys be a disappointment again? Will the Browns win a game? Who is the best quarterback in the NFL? I have all the answers.

Who will win the Super Bowl? Easy. My Carolina Panthers.

Will the Cowboys be a disappointment yet again? Yes.

Will the Browns win a game? Yes. Maybe even two.

Who is the best quarterback in the NFL? I’ve got something better. I’ll give you the top ten.



10. Dak Prescott

Is this way too high to place Dak this early in his career? Probably. Do I care? Not one bit. Dak had one of the best seasons of any quarterback last year, let alone amongst rookies. The new face of the Dallas Cowboys (yeah, Zeke) has the potential to be an outright star in this league. He may not put up ridiculous stats, but he will win games and play the “game manager” position as well as anyone in the NFL this season.

2016 Stats:

  • 3,667 Yards
  • 23 TD
  • 4 INT
  • 68% Completion
  • 282 Rushing Yards
  • 6 Rushing TD



9. Cam Newton

I’m still a believer in the 2015 MVP. Yes, he happens to be the quarterback for my favorite team. So? Try to name more than eight quarterbacks you would rather have in the league right now. That’s what I thought.

The Panthers shot-caller suffered a sub-par season last year, mostly due to an underperforming offensive line mixed with possibly the softest secondary in the NFL. I do believe that Super Cam has the ability to have another astounding year and assert himself back into the elite quarterback conversation.

2016 Stats:

  • 3,509 Yards
  • 19 TD
  • 14 INT
  • 53% Completion
  • 359 Rushing Yards
  • 5 Rushing TD



8. Andrew Luck

Year in and year out, Luck has proven that he is a stud at the quarterback position, though he has yet to rise to the ranks of the truly elite. Injuries have played a large part in his “slow” ascent to the top, but make no mistake, Luck still has a bright future ahead of him. He is one of the toughest quarterbacks in the league with a huge build and an extremely high football IQ. If he can stay healthy, he still has the potential to someday be the best quarterback in the NFL. Don’t forget, he’s only 27 years old.

2016 Stats:

  • 4,240 Yards
  • 31 TD
  • 13 INT
  • 64% Completion
  • 341 Rushing Yards
  • 2 Rushing TD



derek carr

7. Derek Carr

Carr had a breakout season in 2016 and established himself as a near-top-tier quarterback in the process. If not for a season-ending injury in week 16, the Raiders may have made a legitimate run toward a Super Bowl appearance. Carr was the clear leader of his Raiders, leading them to a 12-3 record before injury. A healthy Carr alongside Amari Cooper and Marshawn Lynch may spell disaster for opposing defenses this season. Look for Carr to make another leap forward this year in establishing himself as possibly the best young quarterback in the league.

2016 Stats:

  • 3,937 Yards
  • 28 TD
  • 6 INT
  • 64% Completion


big ben

6. Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben might be 1000 years old, but like a fine wine, he gets better with age. Kind of. Roethlisberger has had a rollercoaster of a career, to say the least. With a 2-1 Super Bowl record, no one will argue with his career success. His success from season to season, however, tends to be a bit shaky. When he is healthy, he is one of the most solid quarterbacks of this generation. He has a big arm and a huge build. That makes him a tough guy to bring down that can hold onto the ball until Antonio Brown is all the way down the field.

With age, though, comes physical deterioration (don’t tell two of the other guys on this list that), and Big Ben is ancient in football years. He may only be 34, but based on injuries and hits he’s taken, he might as well be 45 by now. He’s not done yet, though. I know Ben still has a little something left in the tank. Oh, and with arguably the best running back and wide receiver in the league in LeVeon Bell and Antonio Brown, respectively, he doesn’t have to do all the work for the Steelers to be great. That’s always a plus for a quarterback (see: Troy Aikman).

2016 Stats:

  • 3,819 Yards
  • 29 TD
  • 13 INT
  • 64% Completion


russell wilson.jpg

5. Russell Wilson

People tend to overlook the Super Bowl champion from Seattle when talking about top quarterbacks. Wilson should have two Super Bowl rings already if not for the dumbest play call in the history of the National Football League. He is one of the quickest, most versatile quarterbacks in the league. He has a strong arm and can move unlike any other quarterback we’ve seen in recent years. Most of all, though, Wilson is a leader. He commands his offense as well as anyone, no matter his personnel. Don’t count Wilson out just because he hasn’t been to the Super Bowl in two years (the longest drought of his career). This is only his sixth NFL season, after all.

2016 Stats:

  • 4,219 Yards
  • 21 TD
  • 11 INT
  • 65% Completion
  • 259 Rushing Yards
  • 1 Rushing TD



4. Drew Brees

Brees is not just one of the greatest quarterbacks in the current NFL, but is one of the greatest to ever play the game. He now has five (FIVE) seasons with 5,000+ yards. Only four other players have ever done that once. So, there have been nine such seasons, and Brees is responsible for five of those nine. Crazy right? To make it even crazier, try to name the best receiver he has ever played with. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Brees almost single-handedly put the Saints on the map and even delivered a Super Bowl to the Big Easy, over the likes of Peyton Manning of all players. He has yet to make it back to the game’s biggest stage, and at 38 he may not ever make it back. However, when it comes to playing the quarterback position, no one, not even Manning or Tom Brady have put up the type of stats that Brees has. He is a legend in his own right and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

2016 Stats:

  • 5,208 Yards
  • 37 TD
  • 15 INT
  • 70% Completion


matt ryan

3. Matt Ryan

I’ve never been high on Matty Ice, but I give credit where credit is due. Was his Super Bowl run (and eventual loss) a fluke? It doesn’t seem so, but we said the same thing about Cam Newton a couple years ago. Until he proves otherwise, though, I will consider him a top tier quarterback.

He was the MVP last season after putting up the best stats of his of his career (career highs in yards, touchdowns and completion percentage and a career low in interceptions). The Atlanta offense was unstoppable (until the second half of the Super Bowl) with Ryan at the helm, especially with a target like Julio Jones (the best receiver in the game) out wide and Devonte Freeman in the backfield. Will Matty Ice duplicate last year’s success? It’s not likely, but expect another stellar season from him and maybe even another Super Bowl run.

2016 Stats:

  • 4,944 Yards
  • 38 TD
  • 7 INT
  • 70% Completion


ugly rodgers

2. Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is a bad man according to Stephen A. Smith. But he’s also an elite quarterback. Rodgers is the quarterback that a GM would build in a lab if given the opportunity. Ever since he got his chance to shine after the first retirement by Brett Favre, he has been one of the best players in the NFL, let alone one of the best at the quarterback position. If your team is down a touchdown with less than 10 seconds left and there are 60 or more yards to go, there is no other quarterback you would rather have than Mr. Rodgers. I don’t like him. I’m not a fan. Never have been. But there is no denying that he is second to…well, one…when it comes to playing quarterback in the modern NFL.

2016 Stats:

  • 4,428 Yards
  • 40 TD
  • 7 INT
  • 66% Completion
  • 369 Rushing Yards
  • 4 Rushing TD


tom brady

1. Tom Brady

I don’t have to explain this one. Brady is the GOAT.

2016 Stats*:

  • 3554 yards
  • 28 TD
  • 2 INT
  • 67% Completion

*missed four games due to suspension and still put up THOSE STATS


Agree with my list? Anything you would change (if so, you’re wrong)? Let me know in the comments. Be on the lookout for a similar list, but with the greatest quarterbacks of all time coming soon.

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