Friday Night Lights Coverage Schedule (Tentative, Subject to Change)

We here at SlingShot Sports plan to cover at least one high school football game each week this year. Our staff is still very small, so one game per week is about the best we can do unless we see some extreme expansion between now and then.

This schedule is tentative and unofficial, which means it is subject to change. However, this is the plan for coverage this season. “Coverage” consists of live tweeting, photography, post-game interviews, a written article and analysis.

This schedule shows favor to Brookland High School and Paragould High School, simply because of the close proximity. We want to branch out as much as we can and cover as many schools as possible, but with an organization this small, it is currently not an attainable feat. Hang in there with us while we continue to grow. Hope to see you at the games!


SlingShot Sports Tentative Coverage Schedule

High School Football 2017


9/1 – Brookland @ Cedar Ridge

9/8 – Pocahontas @ Paragould

9/15 – Manila @ Brookland

9/22 – Mt. Home @ Jonesboro

9/29 – Highland @ Brookland

10/6 – Gosnell @ Trumann

10/13 – Westside @ Brookland

10/20 – Valley View @ GCT

10/27 – Valley View @ Nettleton

11/2 – Cave City @ Brookland

11/3 – GCT @ Paragould

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