College Football Week 1 Review: All the Biggest Story Lines

College Football Week 1 Review

Sep 5, 2017

by Chase Gage



SlingShot Sports Game of the Week

Alabama beats Florida State, QB out for the season

  • Surprise, surprise. Alabama won a big-time game on opening weekend. We’ve seen this script before, so do I really need to go into the details? The biggest take-away from this game was the injury to Florida State quarterback, Deondre Francois. He suffered a torn patellar tendon when he was chased down by an Alabama defender in the backfield. He is out for the season.
  • We can’t just not talk about the Alabama defense/special teams though. They had two interceptions, blocked a punt, blocked a field goal, recovered a fumble on a kickoff. If any team has that many turnovers against anyone, they’ll likely lose. Do that against Alabama? Forget about it.
  • How will this affect FSU’s season? I guess only time will tell, but for now, they are no longer the favorite to represent the ACC in the College Football Playoff. That title now belongs to Clemson.


Michigan rolls Florida 33-17

  • The only reason Florida was even competitive in this game was that they had two 40+ yard pick-sixes on consecutive drives. Yeah, you read that right. Once Michigan adjusted at halftime and figured out how to avoid turnovers, they took over the game.
  • People actually picked Florida in this game? Like professional analysts? Yes, they did. A lot of them, in fact. The SEC bias is real, and it’s time for that stigma to end.IMG_20170905_113904


Liberty U upsets Baylor, 48-45

  • No one is talking about this game. Let me reiterate. FCS Liberty University defeated Big 12 Baylor at Baylor, and no one is talking about it.
  • Liberty QB Stephen Calvert threw for an astounding 447 yards and three touchdowns.
  • Baylor was a 34-point favorite, and they never led in the game.


Howard Pulls Off the Biggest Upset in College Football History over UNLV, 43-40

  • How is it that the biggest statistical upset of all-time got swept under the rug? Either the first weekend of college football was just overstuffed with great stories (it was), or the media is ignoring it because Alabama, Florida State, the SEC, etc. are much more profitable (also true). I work for free, not for ratings, so I will cover sports when they warrant coverage.lil newton
  • Howard came into this game as a 45-point underdog. Not only did they hold UNLV under those 45 points, they won. Caylin Newton (yes, Cam Newton’s brother, though that is irrelevant as he is his own player) had 140 passing yards and a touchdown and added 190 yards and two touchdowns on the ground.
  • Funny observation: Usually when C. Newton faces A. Ro(d)gers, it’s an NFC playoff-caliber matchup. This was an opening weekend undercard fight.


UCLA Storms Back Against A&M, Turns 44-10 Deficit into 45-44 Win

  • I thought I was watching Arkansas. If we’re being honest here, I turned this game off. Who didn’t? It was 44-10 for crying out loud. Even at the start of the fourth when it was 44-17, this one was already in the books. I then saw a tweet that said “welcome back everyone who turned this game off” and was instantly intrigued. I turned it back on just in time to see UCLA win the game with a fake spike touchdown pass. Moral of the story: it’s not over ‘till it’s over. Also moral of the story: never pencil in a middle-tier SEC school as a winner until they actually win the game.


UT Completes Comeback in Double OT vs. Georgia Tech, 42-41

  • This was one of the more entertaining games of opening weekend, and it’s the reason I needed an extra cup of coffee this morning. Tennessee was down 14 points late in the game and pulled off a one-point win in double overtime when Georgia Tech was unsuccessful on a two-point conversion attempt that would have won the game.
  • Though they lost, I was fascinated with Georgia Tech’s offense. In the world of college football, they are very unique. They passed the ball 10 times for 120 yards. Not bad, especially for only five completions. However, they ran the ball 86 times for 535 yards. Yeah, that’s not a typo. They ran it 86 times. Eighty-six. Out of 96 total plays. Quarterback TaQuon Marshall had 44 carries for 249 yards and five touchdowns. WHAT. He is my favorite player of this current college football season thus far. I didn’t have a dog in this fight, but I feel bad for him in this loss.


Maryland Spoils Coach Herman’s Debut, 51-41

  • Maryland ‘shocked’ Texas in Coach Herman’s debut as the Longhorn shot-caller. Texas never led, and if not for a touchdown with just over a minute left to play, this loss would have been by an even larger deficit. Looks like Texas still has some serious work to do before they can get back to what Longhorn football is all about.


Red Wolf Review

AState Gives Nebraska a Scare, Falls in a Thriller, 43-46

  • The Red Wolves were down seven with two seconds left at the 11-yard line. An incomplete pass ended the game.
  • However, the fact that the Red Wolves were only down by one at halftime (27-26) and then came back from a scoreless third quarter to get within 11 yards of upsetting a Big Ten powerhouse on the road in one of the most hostile environments in all of college football is rather impressive. From an unbiased point of view, there were a few questionable calls in the game, but ultimately it came down to turnovers, not the officials. Two turnovers and a safety from the Red Wolves ultimately cost them this game, not ‘controversial calls’ as casual fans may claim.
  • The Red Wolves impressed everyone when they fought back from all adversity (forced a safety after an interception at the one-yard line, turned the safety into a touchdown on the next drive, recovered an onside kick down seven with less than a minute to play) to fight for a chance in this game. There is nothing to hang your head about if you are a Red Wolf fan. Look forward to (HUGE) game against Miami at home this Saturday.
  • Also, in case you missed it, the Iron N (Nebraska student section) put up this banner for Coach Anderson’s wife, Wendy. Nebraska knows how to keep it classy, and we salute them for it. Some things are bigger than football.iron n


Razorback Recap

Arkansas Beats Florida A&M 49-7

  • Arkansas had no real problems with Florida A&M (thankfully). The Razorbacks did not impress, but at least they didn’t disappoint.


Inspirational Story of the Week

USC Long-Snapper Shows Us Some Things are Bigger than Football

  • USC called on their blind long-snapper for an extra point attempt in their 49-31 win over Western Michigan.
  • Check out all the details here.


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