NCAA Football Week 2: Games to Watch and Predictions

NCAA Football Week 2

Sep 8, 2017

by Chase Gage



One week of college football has come and gone, but at least we have another week upon us. You already know what happened last week, so let’s get to some new stuff. Here are our picks for games to watch this weekend, along with previews and predictions for them all. Enjoy.



5 Oklahoma at 2 Ohio State

osu ou

  • Preview: Oklahoma travels to Columbus in what could be a preview of a College Football Playoff matchup. Similar to Alabama and Florida State last week, the loser of this game is not necessarily out of the playoff race, but the winner will take a huge step toward their ultimate goal of a national championship.
  • Prediction: I’m picking the Buckeyes in this one. Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield may be the best at the position this season, but he will have his work cut out for him Saturday night. Expect a close game, but the home team is able to pull this one out. Remember, Ohio State’s players “ain’t come here to play school.”



13 Auburn at 3 Clemson

  • Preview: Auburn is way too overhyped. Oh wait, that’s literally every season. Clemson, on the other hand, may be underrated. Yes, they’re the defending National Champions. Yes, their former quarterback is now in the NFL. I don’t care. Clemson has been a solid program for the past several years, and much like Alabama, a few personnel changes won’t doom the program. I will, however, disclose that the only team in all of college football that I hate/loathe/can’t stand/hope they lose every game is the Auburn Tigers, so I may be a little biased.
  • Prediction: Clemson won’t have even the slightest problem downing the other Tigers. Don’t be surprised if this one is a 21-point blowout in Death Valley.


15 Georgia at 24 Notre Dame

  • Preview: Remember how I said that Auburn is the only team that I hate? Notre Dame is the next closest school to claiming that title. However, I have to give credit where credit is due. Too bad there is no credit due to Notre Dame. This game should be interesting. Neither team has proven much (yet), but either team could become a dark horse threat to make a New Year’s Six bowl or even the College Football Playoff. The difference in the top-ten and the rest of the field seems like it may be very slim this year.
  • Prediction: I’m taking Georgia on the road. The Bulldogs looked good against a (VERY UNDERRATED) Appalachian State team, and Notre Dame played…a high school team? I could be very wrong about this one, but does anyone really care that much?


14 Stanford at 6 USC

  • Preview: If Harbaugh was still at Stanford, this matchup would be much more intriguing. USC looked like they were on their way back to the top at the end of last season after their Rose Bowl victory in epic fashion. However, they had a rough week one against Western Michigan. That’s not necessarily a good sign. Stanford is finally starting to find their groove again since the Harbaugh/Luck era ended, and this could be a statement game for the Cardinal. If they can pull off a road win at the Colosseum they will assert themselves into the Pac-12 championship race, possibly as one of the front-runners.
  • Prediction: Too bad they won’t. USC may have struggled some last weekend, but they pulled it together when it mattered most and got the victory. I think they will be much improved after the loss and will try to make a statement of their own this week. Look for the Trojans to win by a touchdown or two.



23 TCU at Arkansas


  • It took overtime last year for the Hogs to knock off the Frogs on the road. Don’t count on that this year. TCU will come to Fayetteville and make you think they’re playing in Fort Worth.
  • TCU by double digits. I hope I’m wrong, but have you ever known me to be wrong?


17 Louisville at North Carolina

  • Louisville was one of the most fun teams to watch last season. Will they be able to duplicate their success behind defending Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson? I sure hope so. We’ll get to see what they’re really made of this weekend when they take on the Tar Heels.
  • Louisville wins.


South Carolina at Missouri

  • Why are people picking Missouri in this game? They gave up 900 yards and 17 touchdowns to MISSOURI STATE. I don’t care how many yards they had or how many touchdowns they scored, I’m not impressed. When you let a team like MISSOURI STATE come into your stadium and have as much success as they did, you’ll get pulverized by SEC offenses. Yeah, the Mizzou offense looked great, but look at the competition they were playing. South Carolina looked like a real SEC school last weekend.
  • South Carolina makes Mizzou look like Missouri State.


16 Miami at Arkansas State

  • Oh wait



Jacksonville State at Georgia Tech


  • I fell in love with Georgia Tech and their quarterback TaQuon Marshall. I will watch every GT game that I can this year. Their simplistic option offense is such a breath of fresh air (ironically) in this age of college football. As a football purist, I am absolutely in love with the Yellowjacket offense.
  • Georgia Tech wins, obviously, but that’s not why I’m watching.

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