Bielema Proves Incompetent Against TCU

Bielema Proves Incompetent Against TCU

Sep 9, 2017

by Chase Gage


FAYETTEVILLE, ARK – The Razorbacks put on an embarrassing performance Saturday afternoon. They lost at home to TCU by a final score of 28-7.

It’s one thing to lose a game, it’s another to not show up and not compete.

From the start, the Razorbacks looked ill-prepared to take on an FBS opponent. The Horned Frogs tried their absolute hardest to give the Hogs a chance in this game, yet they could never capitalize on a TCU mistake.

arkansas tcu

Quarterback Austin Allen was missing targets when he wasn’t on the ground and the defense was leaving opposing receivers wide open, though they couldn’t catch a pass. The special teams unit was atrocious at best, and the defensive line looked more like swiss cheese (full of holes) than a brick wall.

No one on the Arkansas sideline looked like they wanted to be there. They all looked like they had better things to do than to be playing a football game, including the head coach. That’s the worst part of it all.

The Razorbacks were unable to convert on two short field goal attempts. Kicker Cole Hedlund was thrown under the bus by Coach Bielema after the game and took the brunt of the blame from the head coach. Let’s look deeper into this issue.

  • Hedlund has a career field goal percentage of 58 percent. That’s much less than great but listen for a minute.
  • Bielema says that the Hogs need a new kicker because 58 percent is not good enough.
  • Bielema’s winning percentage at Arkansas is 49 percent, and only 45 percent in SEC play.
  • Maybe instead of needing a new kicker, we need a new coach. A coach that won’t throw a college kid under the bus for a loss that is overwhelmingly to blame on the coaching staff.

The Razorbacks have now scored exactly zero (ZERO) points in the second half of their last three games against FBS opponents. Last season against Missouri, the Hogs led 24-7 at halftime and lost 28-24. In the Belk Bowl against Virginia Tech, the Hogs were up 24-0 at halftime and proceeded to lose 35-24. Against TCU, the Hogs trailed 14-7 at halftime and fell by a final score of 28-7.

This is absolutely unacceptable.

bret-bielema (1)

Bielema is one of the highest-paid coaches in the SEC. Les Miles made $4.3 million when he was at LSU. He produced a national championship and was almost always in the top-10. Steve Spurrier made $4 million a year at South Carolina. Gus Malzahn makes $3.8 million at Auburn. Bielema makes $4 million a year and has an $11 million buyout. Great call, Jeff.

The fact that the Razorbacks lost is not the issue. The fact that they are consistently ill-prepared to play major competition and show no drive or motivation is the issue. How long will we allow this embarrassment to continue? The only foreseeable change that could even start to fix the issue is to get rid of the real problem: Coach Bielema.

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