College Football Week 2 Review: I’m Always Right, Except When I’m Not

College Football Week 2 Predictions Review

Sep 11, 2017

By Chase Gage


Every week, I will be making college football predictions. I’m always right, except for when I’m not. Good thing I’m right more than I’m wrong. Here were all my predictions from last week along with post-prediction analysis.


Last Week’s Predictions:

  • Game of the Week, 5 Oklahoma at 2 Ohio State

    OSU17OK KWR 37.JPG
    The Most Savage College Football Moment You’ll See This Year, by Baker Mayfield
    • Prediction: “Ohio State wins”
    • Result: Oklahoma wins 31-16
    • Analysis: Oklahoma impressed me. They are much better than I expected. I won’t sleep on them like that again. Oh, and Ohio State isn’t done either. They still have a chance to make the College Football Playoff.


  • 13 Auburn at 2 Clemson

    • Prediction: “21-point Blowout (Clemson)”
    • Result: Clemson wins 14-6
    • Analysis: Clemson failed to impress me against Auburn, but Auburn didn’t do much either. This game that was supposed to be one of the best of the week turned out to be somewhat of a bust. I don’t think either of these teams are as good as people thought, though they’ll still both remain amongst the top of the polls after the close game.


  • 15 Georgia at 24 Notre Dame

    • Prediction: “Georgia wins”
    • Result: Georgia wins 20-19
    • Analysis: This one turned out to be a great game. I honestly didn’t know what to expect going into this game as neither team had showcased much going into week 2. I threw a lot of shade toward the Irish, yet they were able to take this game to the wire. I’ll give them credit for almost proving me wrong. Both of these teams deserve a spot in the middle of the pack in terms of the top-25.


  • 14 Stanford at 6 USC

    • Prediction: “USC Makes a Statement, Wins by a Touchdown or Two”
    • Result: USC wins 42-24
    • Analysis: USC indeed made a statement in their win over Stanford. They proved that their opening week ‘thriller’ was nothing more than the Trojans shaking off the rust of the offseason. They’re back and ready to take college football by storm.


  • 23 TCU at Arkansas

    • Prediction: “TCU by Double-Digits”
    • Result: TCU wins 28-7
    • Analysis: This game was disgusting and embarrassing for the Hogs, and was exactly what I expected. Read my full review here.


  • 17 Louisville at North Carolina

    Hmm. That pose looks familiar…
    • Prediction: “Louisville wins”
    • Result: Louisville wins 47-35
    • Analysis: I knew this game would show us what Lamar Jackson was all about in his pursuit of a second Heisman Trophy. He didn’t disappoint, passing for 393 yards and three touchdowns and adding 132 yards and three touchdowns on the ground. He’s the frontrunner until someone proves otherwise.


  • South Carolina at Missouri

    • Prediction: “South Carolina makes Mizzou look like Missouri State”
    • Result: South Carolina wins 31-13
    • Analysis: Everyone was impressed with Missouri in week one besides me. I thought they looked like a subpar FBS school. They played a real team and got exposed. Next.


Be on the lookout for my Week 3 Predictions out later today. Write them all down and take all your money to Vegas, because if you listen to me, you’ll win more than you lose, except for when you don’t.

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