College Football Week 3 Predictions: A Week of Upsets

College Football Week 3 Predictions

Sep 12, 2017

by Chase Gage


Another week, another great college football prediction article. So far, I have been right 100 percent of the time if you don’t count the games I got wrong. Will my hot streak continue? Like playing roulette and always betting on black, I’m going to win big and lose big this week, but I’m going for broke on upsets. Let’s take a look at my week three predictions, shall we?


SlingShot Sports Game of the Week

3 Clemson at 14 Louisvillelamar

  • Preview: Clemson is fresh off a win against Auburn at home. Louisville put on a show against North Carolina over the weekend with Heisman frontrunner Lamar Jackson posting six touchdowns. Last year, this was one of the most entertaining games of the season as Clemson won a close game en route to the National Championship. Can Louisville redeem themselves and assert themselves into the playoff race?
  • Prediction: Yes! Yes, they can! I’m already regretting this pick because it’s against my gut. You never pick against your gut feeling. However, I’m breaking that rule and picking the Cardinals to win. They’re at home. Jackson is playing as well as he ever has. Clemson struggled a bit against an Auburn team that isn’t as good as Louisville. Jackson scores 5+ touchdowns and the Cardinals down the Tigers in a thriller.


Top 25 Matchups

17 Miami at 11 Florida State

  • Postponed
  • Miami has now had two weeks off against opponents that would have beaten them (Arkansas State last week)


23 Tennessee at 24 Floridaflorida

  • In terms of classic college football matchups, it’s hard to beat Florida vs. Tennessee.
  • Preview: Did Tennessee get lucky to beat Georgia Tech in double overtime or were they just so good that they can overcome a two-touchdown deficit any time they want? Is Florida actually good or do we just assume they are because they’re Florida and they managed to score on Michigan? The real issue is that we don’t really know how good either of these teams are. This is a game that could shape the SEC East race, as the winner will assert themselves as one of the frontrunners along with Georgia (and dare I say South Carolina? You heard it here first).
  • Prediction: Historically, these are the two best SEC East teams and this should, ideally, make for a great matchup. I’m taking the Vols on the road, as they’ve proved more to me than Florida has. Rocky Top will be heard in the Smokey Mountains coming from the Swamp.


Other Interesting Matchups

12 LSU at Mississippi State

  • Preview: On paper, this doesn’t look like too great of a matchup. However, if you follow the SEC West, you know how solid Mississippi State can be. They would love nothing more than to play spoiler for LSU this early in the season and make a statement that they’re a legitimate threat in the West. LSU has outscored their opponents 72-10 so far this season, but when your toughest competition is BYU, that feels much less impressive. Make no mistake, though, LSU should be the favorite in this game. They’re a top-15 team in the nation for a reason.
  • Prediction: That’s why I’m picking against them. Hail State? I’m taking the major SEC West upset in Starkvegas. Why? No clue. Gut feeling? Hate for LSU? Probably a bit of both. I do think Mississippi State will be a threat this season until they blow it against Alabama and someone they should beat like Arkansas (like the Hogs will actually win an SEC game) or Ole Miss later in the year.


Texas at 4 USC

  • Preview: The greatest college football game of all time? It looked similar to this matchup. The only difference was that back in 2005, Texas was a respectable program with a Heisman caliber quarterback. That, however, is no longer the case.vince young.jpg
  • Prediction: I only put this game on here to throw shade at Texas. It’s one of my favorite things to do. We will find out how dominant USC really is this week. If they struggle in this game, they may not be the team we thought they were. They won’t, though.


25 UCLA at Memphis

  • Preview: UCLA has been a fun team to watch since they turned around their 44-10 deficit. Since that moment, in fact, they have outscored Texas A&M and Hawai’i by a combined score of 91-23. UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen has thrown for 462 yards and seven touchdowns since the third quarter of that Texas A&M thriller from week one. He might be the real deal. Memphis isn’t bad, but they haven’t proved much this season yet. Their game against UCF was canceled this past weekend and their opener against Louisiana Monroe was a little closer than they expected.
  • Prediction: UCLA will come to play and show what they’re made of in a tough road game. I may try to go to this game, as Liberty Bowl Stadium is only an hour and a half from my house…it’d be better than going to a Razorback game.


Red Wolf Rundown

AR-Pine Bluff at Arkansas State

  • Preview: Last year, the Red Wolves were upset at home by an in-state FCS school when the UCA Bears came to Jonesboro and stole a game. They hopefully won’t let that happen a second year when Pine Bluff rolls into town. The home-opener was supposed to be the biggest game in the history of the city of Jonesboro, but instead, we get this game. Oh well. Red Wolf fans should still pack the house and bring the heat this weekend as AState starts their journey toward competing for another Sun Belt championship.
  • Prediction: AState will learn from past mistakes and put this game away as early as possible to make for a fun evening at Centennial Bank Stadium where the second-string guys significant playing time.


Hogs on Hiatus

Okay, I’m quickly running out of alliterational (I’m pretty sure I just made that word up) phrases for the Red Wolves and Razorbacks.

Arkansas: Bye Week

  • This, as I have previously pointed out, is a loss for the Hogs. They played Florida A&M and then got embarrassed at home against TCU. Now they get a week off before playing the real teams on their schedule. Coach B says the Hogs will be the most improved team you see when they take on Texas A&M, but I’m still not sure that will be enough to even attempt to compete in Arlington a week from now.

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