NCAA Football: Week 4 Preview

Week 4 Preview

Sep 18, 2017

by Chase Gage


JONESBORO, ARK — Another week of college football is in the books. My predictions were all correct last week (except for a few that weren’t), and you better bet they’ll all be right this week as well.


SlingShot Sports Game of the Week

17 Mississippi State at 11 Georgia


 Preview: Mississippi State shocked everyone but me this weekend with their 37-7 beatdown of the LSU Tigers. Besides Alabama, these are the two best teams in the SEC. Yeah, Auburn. You don’t deserve that #15 ranking. You barely bear Mercer, yet people still think you’re good. Okay, I’m getting off topic, but Auburn deserves all the hate I send their way. ANYWAY, this game will decide who the true second fiddle to Bama is.

Prediction: Mississippi State will shock the world. Again. They won’t win the West, but don’t expect them to go down without a fight. This team is legitimate. Georgia will be a tough opponent and the road to the Atlanta still goes through Athens in the East. This will be a great game.

Clashes of the Top 25

16 TCU at 6 Oklahoma State

 Preview: Unfortunately for college football fans, this is the only other top-25 matchup this week. TCU is extremely overrated at #16 after two very unimpressive wins against awful competition. Oklahoma State is the clear-cut second best team in the Big 12 after their in-state rival.

Prediction: Oklahoma State will blow TCU out of the water. Don’t expect this to be close. The Horned Frogs will finally be exposed to the world.

Interesting Matchups

5 USC at Cal

Preview: USC has looked equal parts like the best team in college football and an average at best team that has some good moments. Which is their real identity? After struggling against a Texas program that is barely even a shadow of their old selves, the Trojans have a lot to prove on the road this week.

Prediction: Southern California will respond the same way they did after their first close win against mediocre competition. Cal is no easy opponent, But USC is still a top-five team. 

1 Alabama at Vanderbilt

Preview: The Crimson Tide is the obvious favorite here, but Vanderbilt is criminally underrated. The SEC bias only applies to the historically great teams (Bama, Florida, Tennessee, etc.) and the lower-teir teams (UK, MSU, Vandy) are left out to dry. Don’t assume Vanderbilt will be an easy win for Alabama.

Prediction: I didn’t say Alabama wouldn’t win, just that it wouldn’t be easy. If Alabama is going to lose a regular season game, it won’t be this one. 

15 Auburn at Missouri

Preview: If you go into this game expecting to see a matchup of two competent, legitimate SEC teams, you’ve got the wrong game. Missouri couldn’t beat a Conference USA team this year, and Auburn is lucky that they have yet to be exposed as the sub-par team they really are. 

Prediction: Who cares? I only mentioned this game to trash both teams. Auburn wins, but anyone who watches loses.

20 Florida at Kentucky

Preview: Kentucky is slept on. Florida is overrated. In fact, Florida has only won one game and it was thanks to a Hail Mary as time expired. They’ve scored almost all of their points on defense and special teams. Their offense is lackluster to say the least if you exclude their game-winning play against Tennessee. Kentucky beat a legitimate SEC team on the road  (South Carolina) while Florida struggled at home with a nobody.

Prediction: This would make for a great basketball game, no? I wish it was a basketball game instead. The result will be the same nonetheless, as Kentucky will upset the Gators this weekend to assert themselves into the East race.

UCLA at Stanford

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Photo: (by Chase Gage)

 Preview: I watched UCLA in person against Memphis this past weekend. Even though they lost, I was thoroughly impressed with their offense. Stanford has a lot to prove if they want people to mention them as a Pac-12 contender. This will be a great West Coast matchup.

Prediction: I like UCLA to win this road matchup. Quarterback Josh Rosen is rather impressive and more than capable of leading the Bruins to a tough conference win on the road. Stanford will be a tough opponent, but mark this one as a win for UCLA.

Razorback Roundup

Arkansas vs. Texas A&M (Southwest Classic, Arlington, TX)


 Preview: Ugh. Do I have to? The only reason to turn this game on is to see the SICK uniforms that the Hogs will be wearing. Texas A&M is the third-worst team in the SEC. But Arkansas is second-worst (sorry Missouri). This will be a JV matchup at best and it doesn’t really matter who wins. Both coaches deserved to be fired last year, and both NEED to be fired at the end of the season if not sooner.

Prediction: Arkansas hasn’t beaten A&M in like 12 years. Aggies win this disgusting matchup. Next.

Red Wold Rodeo

Arkansas State at SMU

Preview: Arkansas State will finally play a game of a similar caliber. Their first game was against traditional Big 10 powerhouse Nebraska and last week they played the high school team from Pine Bluff. This week we’ll get to see what the Red Wolves are really made of when they travel to Dallas to take on SMU.

Prediction: Is it unprofessional to pick my school? Probably. Do I care? Maybe. Write it down, memorize it, recite it in your sleep. Arkansas State wins on the road in a thriller and shows everyone how solid they really are. And if I’m wrong, I’ll blame it on bias.


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