NCAA Week 8 Predictions: Back by Popular Demand

Oct 20, 2017

by Chase Gage


It’s been a while, but my college predictions are back. I’m glad I didn’t get my predictions out last week, because they would have been awful. I didn’t ever expect Clemson to lose to Syracuse. No way did I think Arkansas would cover the spread against Alabama. I did pick LSU to beat Auburn, but that’s about it.

Anyway, after last week, the rest of the college football season will probably be boring. I mean, how could we ever live up to all the upsets we saw last week? Here are a few games to watch, but I only expect a couple to even be competitive. Hopefully we’ll get some better games going forward.

Overall Prediction Record vs the Spread: 5-2

NCAA Football Week 8 Predictions

21 Auburn (-15.0) at Arkansas

  • Auburn is finally about where they should be in the rankings. The fact that they were a top-ten team solely based on the fact that they didn’t lose to Clemson by very much is nothing short of sickening. Arkansas is fresh off their best performance of the year. The sad part is that their “best effort of the year” resulted in a 41-9 loss to the Crimson Tide. Expect more of the same this weekend. The Hogs have a better chance of beating the New York Giants (I mean I guess it’s possible) than even competing against Auburn. This game was 56-3 last year.
  • Auburn by 15+

10 Oklahoma State (-7.0) at Texas

Photo via
  • Texas has been flexing a bit since losing to Maryland. They’ve taken USC and Oklahoma down to the wire. Can they keep it close for a second week in a row against a top-ten team from the state of Oklahoma? No, I don’t think so. They may compete in this one, but I’ll take the spread for the Cowboys
  • Oklahoma State by 7+

Tennessee (+35.0) at 1 Alabama

  • Alabama DIDN’T cover the spread (35) against ARKANSAS! Isn’t that mind-blowing? They’ll make up for it this week.
  • Alabama by 35+

24 LSU (-6.5) at Ole Miss

lsu vs auburn.jpg
Those Gage kids sure can play football, huh? Photo via
  • LSU lost to Mississippi State and Troy, but since then, they have shown how resilient they truly are. They’re not a pushover and Ole Miss kind of is. Sure, they won big last week against Vanderbilt, and yeah, they’re playing at home. But do they have any chance against LSU this week, a team fresh off of a huge victory against a top-ten team (that never deserved to be ranked that high)? No way.
  • LSU by 6.5+

19 Michigan (+9.5) at 2 Penn State

  • This could make for an interesting matchup. Outside of Alabama and Georgia, the only good team in college football is Penn State. Michigan has shown signs of dominance, but they’re few and far between. Oh, and PSA to all the people tweeting #FireHarbaugh, he’s a top-five coach in college football. Sure, you might be struggling at the moment, but as long as he is the head coach, the Wolverines will have a chance in any game. Including this one. Expect a fun matchup in Happy Valley. I’m still taking the spread on Penn State, but I’m looking forward to this one.
  • Penn State by 9.5+

11 USC (+3.5) at 13 Notre Dame

matt leinearartart.jpg
The last good quarterback to play at USC. Photo via BleacherReport
  • I’ve never been kind to either of these schools. Most times I mention either of them, I bring up the fact that most “analysts” are too blinded by history to see how overrated these teams are (see: any SEC school, particularly Auburn). The Trojans are overrated and Sam Darnold isn’t really all that good. For the first time ever, though, the Irish are not. You may never hear (read?) me say that again, but this Irish team has proved quite a bit to me lately. Their only loss is by one point to the third-ranked team in the nation. They’ve beaten down Michigan State and North Carolina, who are two solid teams. They’ve got a tough stretch coming up with NC State, Miami (on the road) and Stanford (on the road) coming up, but I think they’ve got what it takes. USC doesn’t pose a threat to them. Remember when USC didn’t show up against Texas, Washington State and Utah? Yeah, me too. The only good team they’ve beaten is Stanford. They won’t beat Notre Dame on the road.
  • Notre Dame by 3.5+

Louisiana (+12.5) at Arkansas State

  • Well, I didn’t get to this one in time. I would have picked AState to win by around 14-20. But they won by 44.



In case you missed it…


Right: Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Clemson, Alabama

Wrong: USC, Mississippi State

  • 24 Mississippi State (+9.0) at 13 Auburn
  • Pick: Mississippi State Wins or Auburn by less than 9
  • Result: Auburn by 39


  • 5 USC (-3.5) at 16 Washington State
  • Pick: USC by 3.5
  • Result: Washington State by 3


  • 2 Clemson (-7.5) at 12 Virginia Tech
  • Pick: Clemson by 7.5
  • Result: Clemson by 14


  • Vanderbilt (+9.5) at 21 Florida
  • Pick: Florida by 9.5
  • Result: Florida by 14


  • 7 Georgia (-7.5) at Tennessee
  • Pick: Georgia by 7.5
  • Result: Georgia by 41


  • Ole Miss (+27.5) at 1 Alabama
  • Pick:Alabama by 27.5
  • Result: Alabama by 63


  • New Mexico State (+17.0) at Arkansas
  • Pick: Arkansas by 17.0
  • Result: Arkansas by 18


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