Week 9 NFL Power Rankings: Are the Cowboys a Top Team?

Oct 31, 2017

by Chase Gage


To answer the question that was posed in the title, no. No, they’re not. I just wanted to get that out of the way.

Anyway, here are the most accurate Power Rankings on the internet. If you’re going to ESPN for your rankings, you’re in the wrong place. SlingShot Sports actually takes pride in their work.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles (-) LW: 1

    Best team in football.

  2. Los Angeles Rams (-) LW: 2

    Bye weeks are nice when you’re on top. No one is taking the Rams spot at the top for at least another week.

  3. Kansas City Chiefs (+1) LW: 4

    The Chiefs got a much-needed win after a two-game skid. They still have the best offense in the NFL and a great defense. Despite their slump, they’re still a legitimate Super Bowl contender behind Alex Smith, Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce.

  4. Pittsburg Steelers (-1) LW: 3

    97 Yards. Photo via SI.com

    The Steelers beat the Lions and still fell a spot? Unfortunately, that’s the harsh reality of power rankings. At least they didn’t fall too far. Pittsburg is as serious of a threat in the AFC as they have ever been. They may not be winning pretty, but they do whatever it takes to win games, and they’re pretty good at it. If JuJu Smith-Schuster is available in your fantasy league, pick him up as soon as you read this.

  5. Buffalo Bills (+4) LW: 9

    Photo via USAToday.com

    The best team in the AFC East? We think so.

  6. Seattle Seahawks (+2) LW: 8

    That game-winning drive alone was good enough for a two-spot bump for the Seahawks.

  7. New England Patriots (-2) LW: 5

    Another week, another example of the Patriots struggling to beat a really bad team. A few weeks ago it was the Buccaneers. Then, it was the Jets. This week it was the Chargers. How long until New England blows it against someone like the Dolphins? The toughest opponents are still ahead of the Pats, so don’t get too comfortable just yet. Oh, and they gave away their backup quarterback to San Francisco for an expired coupon for $3 off a carwash.

  8. New Orleans Saints (-1) LW: 7

    The Saints keep rolling. The NFC South winner has made the Super Bowl the last two years. New Orleans is sitting in first-place as we speak.

  9. Carolina Panthers (+1) LW: 10

    The Panthers got back on track after a couple of losses. They still have a lot to prove if they want to be considered contenders.

  10. Jacksonville Jaguars (+2) LW: 12

  11. Minnesota Vikings (-5) LW: 6

  12. Houston Texans (+2) LW: 14

    Photo via ESPN.com

    I said this a few weeks ago, but DeShaun Watson is the Rookie of the Year until further notice. People that are hailing him as a top-five or even top-ten quarterback, though, are getting a little ahead of themselves. He is phenomenal, but he has still only played seven games. Be patient.

  13. Dallas Cowboys (+2) LW: 15

    The Cowboys looked more like last year’s version against the Redskins this week, but as of right now, Ezekiel Elliot’s suspension is going to be enforced over the next six weeks. Whether or not it actually will is yet to be seen. Either way, this will hurt the Cowboys in the long run. They may steal a playoff spot, but they’re not as good as the teams ahead of them on this list.

  14. Detroit Lions (-1) LW: 13

  15. Washington Redskins (-4) LW: 11

  16. Atlanta Falcons (+1) LW: 17

  17. Denver Broncos (+2) LW: 19

    The Broncos finally decided to play with a little bit of heart. They lost to Kansas City, but everyone loses to Kansas City.

  18. Oakland Raiders (-2) LW: 16

    Just when it looked like the Raiders were back in business, they fell again. The Bills are a great team though, so I won’t penalize Oakland too much.

  19. Baltimore Ravens (+4) LW: 23

    Pro Hogs. Photo via NWAOnline.com

    The Ravens won 40-0 against the Dolphins without Joe Flacco. Isn’t that crazy?

  20. Los Angeles Chargers (-) LW: 20

    The Chargers hung in there with the Patriots, so they’ll stay about the same this week.

  21. Miami Dolphins (-3) LW: 18

  22. Chicago Bears (-) LW: 22

  23. Green Bay Packers (-2) LW: 21

  24. Cincinnati Bengals (+1) LW: 25

    Woohoo! You beat the Colts by one point! The Bengals are going to the Super Bowl!

  25. Tennessee Titans (-1) LW: 24

  26. Arizona Cardinals (+1) LW: 27

  27. New York Jets (+1) LW: 28

  28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-2) LW: 26

    The Panthers needed someone to take their frustration out on. They chose the Buccaneers.

  29. Indianapolis Colts (+2) LW: 31

    What a jump! Losing to the Bengals by one point is enough to move this team up two spots. Does that show you how awful the teams at the bottom really are?

  30. San Francisco 49ers (+2) LW: 32

    The Greatest Quarterback of All-Time standing next to Tom Brady. Photo via USAToday.com

    I had this team at 32 for the second-straight week until they traded a broken washing machine for Jimmy Garapollo. That in itself is enough to bump this team up two spots. (See what I’m saying?)

  31. New York Giants (-2) LW: 29

  32. Cleveland Browns (-2) LW: 30

    Man, the Browns just can’t catch a break. I had them at 31 this week, but they didn’t get a quarterback and probably never will. At least there was a week in which they weren’t dead-last.

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