Week 11 NFL Power Rankings: Who Dat Say They Gonna Win the NFC South?


Another week, another great Thursday/Sunday/Monday and another round of the best damn NFL Power Rankings on the internet. ESPN and others will try to tell you the Patriots and Cowboys are now and forever will be the greatest teams to ever play, but at SlingShot Sports, we have NFL Sunday Ticket and actually watch the games. That’s what sets us apart.

Enough chit-chat. This isn’t a Matthew Berry rundown where he tells a story of his childhood for 28 pages and then tells you which players he’s wrong about this week. I like to get to the point. So let’s do just that. Here are all 31 NFL teams and the New York Giants ranked 1-32. Enjoy. Or don’t. Fight with us on Twitter about them if you hate them. It’ll be fun (@SlingshotNEA).

  1. Philadelphia Eagles (-) LW: 1

    Not much to say here that I haven’t already. Until I have any reason to believe otherwise, the Philadelphia Eagles are the team to beat in the NFL and should be considered the favorites to win the Super Bowl if the season ended today. It’s a long season and anything can happen, but for right now, these guys are the standard that everyone else is trying to reach.

  2. Los Angeles Rams (-) LW: 2

    Remember what I just said about the Eagles? Basically, all of that goes for the Rams as well. They’re the second-best team in the NFL until someone proves otherwise. They’re slept on because they have a young quarterback and don’t even have their own stadium yet, but that means nothing to me. They’re leading the NFL in points scored and point differential. Oh, and they have the second-best record in the NFL.

  3. New Orleans Saints (+1) LW: 4

    This team started 0-2 and looked terrible at best. Looking back, losses to the Vikings and Patriots don’t look too bad on a resume. Since that rough start, though, the Saints have reeled off seven consecutive wins, knocking off the likes of the Panthers (on the road), Dolphins, Lions, Packers (on the road, without Aaron Rodgers), Bears, Buccaneers and Bills (on the road by 37 points). Their upcoming schedule is rough, but they could still easily emerge as the NFC South winner. For those of you who don’t realize the significance of that feat, the winner of the NFC South has won the NFC and lost the Super Bowl the last two years (Carolina Panthers in 2015, Atlanta Falcons in 2016). Will history repeat itself? Hopefully only if the next team on the list wins that division.

  4. Carolina Panthers (+4) LW: 8

    APTOPIX Dolphins Panthers Football
    #CaMVP is back. Photo via Panthers.com

    Of course, the Panthers fan moves his own team into the top-five after a blowout win over the Dolphins on Monday Night Football. Well, feel free to make your own power rankings if you don’t like it. Cam Newton played like MVP Super Cam last night (and last week in a close win over the Falcons) and the Carolina offense was firing on all cylinders. They looked like the world-beaters they’re capable of being. Call it bias if you’d like. That can be a fair criticism if there’s a potential conflict of interest. But go watch the Panthers and tell me they don’t look like a top-five team.

  5. New England Patriots (-) LW: 5

    Another week, another top-five ranking for the Patriots and another hour-long “ugh” from me as I type this. They beat the mediocre Denver Broncos. Go ahead and crown them the greatest team of all-time. I bet they could even beat the Browns! But they’re 7-2 so I can’t really say much. Yet.

  6. Pittsburg Steelers (-3) LW: 3

    Beating the Colts on a game-winning field goal isn’t necessarily the best way to move up in the rankings. In fact, it should be a little concerning that the Steelers have had so much trouble with teams like the Colts (won by 3), Browns (won by 3) and Bears (lost in OT). At the end of the day, though, they’ve gotten it done in the end. They’re sitting atop the AFC Playoff picture at 7-2, but they just don’t look that good. I’ll always give a 7-2 record the benefit of the doubt, though, especially for a team with three future Hall-of-Famers on offense.

  7. Jacksonville Jaguars (-) LW: 7

    Hey, Jalen, how far can the Jags go this season? Photo via Chron.com

    I’m telling you, this team is so close to being elite it’s crazy. If Allen Robinson is healthy and they have a quarterback like Jared Goff or Carson Wentz, it’s game over for the rest of the league. Good thing they have Bortles, right?

  8. Minnesota Vikings (+2) LW: 10

    Apparently, it doesn’t matter how many people are hurt on offense, this defense will step up and win games. Oh, and that one receiver they have, he’s pretty good.

  9. Kansas City Chiefs (-) LW: 9

    A bye week is just what this team needed after a few bad losses. They’ll be alright, though.

  10. Seattle Seahawks (+2) LW: 12

    Another unconvincing win over a mediocre team, but you’ve gotta give the Seahawks credit for their 6-3 record.

  11. Oakland Raiders (+2) LW: 13

    Sometimes a bye week helps your ranking.

  12. Atlanta Falcons (+6) LW: 18

    Adrian Clayborn recorded six sacks (SIX!!!!) against the Cowboys on Sunday. He may have gotten away with a facemask, too. Photo via USAToday.com

    Are the Falcons back? Maybe. They’ve been improving over the last several weeks, though they’ve faced tough competition. They finally got it together and exposed a Cowboys team that was missing two offensive stars in OT Tyron Smith and RB Ezekiel Elliot. I’m not sure if the Falcons are quite the 12th-best team in the league, but I had to rank them ahead of the Cowboys. Speaking of…

  13. Dallas Cowboys (-7) LW: 6


  14. Tennessee Titans (+1) LW: 15

  15. Detroit Lions (+2) LW: 17

  16. Buffalo Bills (-5) LW: 11

    Wow, Buffalo. I ranked you FIFTH a couple weeks ago and you’re going to do me like this? Get it together or I’m dropping you down with the Colts and Buccaneers.

  17. Washington Redskins (-3) LW: 14

  18. Green Bay Packers (+6) LW: 24

    They won without Aaron Rodgers. That’s worth six spots to me.

  19. Miami Dolphins (+1) LW: 20

    Sure, they got blown out on Monday Night Football. But the Panthers are a great team, and honestly, if you watched the game, the Dolphins did quite a few things very well offensively. The Panthers run game was just way too much for the Miami front to handle.

  20. New York Jets (-4) LW: 16

    Come on, guys. You can’t beat the Buccaneers without Jameis Winston?

  21. Los Angeles Chargers (-2) LW: 19

  22. Denver Broncos (+3) LW: 25

    They played awful against the Patriots and still moved up a few spots. That’s how bad some of the lower teams looked this week.

  23. Baltimore Ravens (-) LW: 23

  24. Chicago Bears (-3) LW: 21

  25. Houston Texans (-3) LW: 22

    Is Watson healthy yet?

  26. Arizona Cardinals (-) LW: 26

  27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+2) LW: 29

    Every team in the NFC South (remember when I was talking about them?) won this Sunday. The Saints beat the Bills 47-10, the Panthers beat the Dolphins 45-21, the Falcons beat the Cowboys 27-7 and the Bucs won 15-10 over the Jets. Hey, at least the Bucs are still trying.

  28. Cincinnati Bengals (-1) LW: 27

  29. Indianapolis Colts (-1) LW: 28

    They almost beat the Steelers. They honestly would have moved up if the Buccaneers hadn’t won.

  30. San Francisco 49ers (-) LW: 30

    That 1-9 feeling. Photo via NinersNation.com

    They won a game! They won a game! They won a game! It was against the worst team in the league, but they won a game! Oh, and on our podcast, we discussed who would win a game first out of the teams that had yet to do so (49ers and Browns) and we predicted the 49ers to beat the Giants. Need proof? Go listen to it.

  31. Cleveland Browns (-) LW: 31

    Still not as bad as the Giants.

  32. New York Giants (-) LW: 32

    Still as bad as the Giants. They gave San Francisco their first win and made their third-string quarterback look like a QB1 in fantasy football.

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