Celtics Top Champs to Extend Streak: Believe Me Yet?

Nov 17, 2017

By Chase Gage



BOSTON – The Boston Celtics defeated the defending-champion Golden State Warriors by a score of 92-88 Thursday night. The Celtics are now on a 14-game winning streak and hold the best record in the NBA.

The newest All-Star in the East? Photo via BleacherReport.com


Are the Celtics legitimate title contenders? You better believe it.

The Boston defense held the Warriors to a mere 88 points, the lowest ever in a game in which Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson all played. The Celtics are leading the league in points allowed, sitting at an astounding 94.1 points per game given up to opponents. The Warriors came into the game averaging a league-best 119.6 points per game, but were shut down by the young Celtics.

Boston is now 14-2 after starting the season 0-2. The next best record in the league belongs to the Houston Rockets, who sit at 12-4.

*Side Note: The Rockets scored 90 points in the first half against the Suns and the Warriors only managed 88 points in the entire game against the best defense in the league*

Let’s look at how the Celtics have performed against the league’s ‘contenders’, shall we?

Team Result
At Cleveland L 99-102
Milwaukee L 100-108
At Milwaukee W 96-89
San Antonio W 108-94
At Oklahoma City W 101-94
Toronto W 95-94
Golden State W 92-88
Milwaukee Mon Dec 4
At San Antonio Fri Dec 8
Washington Mon Dec 25
Houston Thu Dec 28
Cleveland Wed Jan 3
Minnesota Fri Jan 5
At Golden State Sat Jan 27

Overcoming Obstacles

The Celtics faced a 17-point deficit against the highest-scoring team in the league and came back to win by four. This is the third time during their win streak that the Celtics have overcome at least a 17-point deficit to win. They were down 18 to the Thunder and Hornets.

Add that to the multiple injuries the Celtics have endured and you realize how good this team can be. All this success has been without one of their (potential) best offensive players in Gordon Hayward, who was lost to injury in the first quarter of the opening game.

If you missed my last article over the best team in the NBA, make sure to check it out here.

How far can this Celtics team go? Never count LeBron James out in the playoffs, but don’t be surprised if you see this team in the NBA Finals this year. Do they have what it takes to beat Golden State in a seven-game series? It seems unlikely, but anything is possible.

-Featured image via Express.co.uk-

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