Week 12 NFL Power Rankings: Kings of the North

Here we are again. It’s that time of week. That’s right, the time for me to be right and every major sporting “news and analysis” company to be wrong.

I will give those companies a sliver of credit this week, though, because for the first time this season, the power rankings were actually very hard to make. I know those interns that have never watched a football game had trouble if an expert like me did.

However, I actually put work and research into my power rankings, which makes them the best on the internet. Enjoy, and fight with me on the internet if you don’t like them.

(@ChaseGage1 or @SlingshotNEA on Twitter)


  1. Philadelphia Eagles (-) LW: 1

    Nothing new here. Best team in football.

  2. New Orleans Saints (+1) LW: 3

    Eight wins in a row and no one is giving this team any credit. The Saints had an eight-game winning streak in 2009 and won the Super Bowl. They didn’t get any credit that year either because the Colts were supposed to be unbeatable. So don’t sleep on Drew Brees and his team.

  3. Minnesota Vikings (+5) LW: 8

    jea 2154 vikings vs arizona.JPG
    Best receiver in football right now? Photo via twincities.com

    This defense absolutely blew me away against the Rams. I was so impressed that I would be ready to name the Vikings the best team in the league if they had a legitimate starting quarterback. Not taking anything away from Case Keenum because he has been playing lights out, but this team would be the Super Bowl favorites if they had someone like Matthew Stafford or Derek Carr under center.

  4. New England Patriots (+1) LW: 5

    Another week of the Patriots beating a team that was good last year and people think that means its a quality win (see: Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons, Oakland Raiders). This is a good team, but I’d take the NFC champion over them 100 times right now. They might not even be the best team in the AFC, because that might be…

  5. Pittsburg Steelers (+1) LW: 6

    Wait, Adam Thielen can’t be the best receiver in football. Antonio Brown still exists. Photo via hotnewhiphop.com

    The AFC favorites? They just might be. Their offense finally showed what it is capable of. The only problem is that they played a sorry Titans team. They still have a lot to prove, but they’ve got weapons, unlike the Patriots. Brady is better than Big Ben, but I’ll take Antonio Brown, LeVeon Bell and JuJu Smith-Schuster over whoever the Patriots have now any day.

  6. Los Angeles Rams (-4) LW: 2

    Tough week for the young Rams. We knew this loss was coming, we just didn’t know when. Hopefully, this loss will help them make a strong late-season push. This is still one of the best teams in football. Goff and Gurley may be the best backfield combination in the league.

  7. Carolina Panthers (-3) LW: 4

    Sometimes on this list, a bye week helps a team. This is not the case for the Panthers. The teams ahead of them showed out this weekend while they were resting. Greg Olsen may be back next week, which, if he’s healthy, could put this team over the edge and turn them into contenders.

  8. Jacksonville Jaguars (-1) LW: 7

  9. Atlanta Falcons (+4) LW: 13

    Hey, they didn’t blow a lead this time!

  10. Seattle Seahawks (-) LW: 10

    Too bad Atlanta didn’t blow that lead, huh?

  11. Detroit Lions (+4) LW: 15

  12. Los Angeles Chargers (+9) LW: 21

    NFL: San Diego Chargers at Atlanta Falcons
    Photo via USAToday.com

    Quite the jump, right? Well, that’s what happens when every “middle of the pack” team forgets to show up for their game.

  13. Tennessee Titans (+1) LW: 14

  14. Kansas City Chiefs (-5) LW: 9

    Man, there was a time when this team looked like Super Bowl favorites. They just lost to the Giants. Yeah, the team with Eli Manning, no coach and no receivers. Oh, or defense.

  15. Washington Redskins (+2) LW: 15

    Just like the Chargers. They lost, but here we are.

  16. Oakland Raiders (-5) LW: 11

    Well, Mexico won’t be full of Raider fans now.

  17. Dallas Cowboys (-5) LW: 12

    dak and wentz
    The best QB in the NFC East and some redhead from Philly. Photo via BleedingGreenNation.com

    No Zeke, no problem. For Cowboy haters, that is. Tony Romo went 18-31 with 145 yards, zero touchdowns and three picks. Oh, did I say Romo? I meant Dak Prescott.

  18. Baltimore Ravens (+5) LW: 23

  19. Chicago Bears (+5) LW: 24

  20. New York Jets (-) LW: 20

  21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+6) LW: 27

    Hey, they actually won. But it was against the Dolphins.

  22. Miami Dolphins (-3) LW: 19

  23. Buffalo Bills (-7) LW: 16

    Tyrod Taylor is obviously not as good as Nathan Peterman.

  24. Cincinnati Bengals (+4) LW: 28

  25. Green Bay Packers (-7) LW: 18

    Well, that win was fun while it lasted.

  26. Denver Broncos (-4) LW: 22

  27. Houston Texans (-2) LW: 25

  28. Arizona Cardinals (-2) LW: 26

  29. Indianapolis Colts (-) LW: 29

  30. New York Giants (+2) LW: 32

    Time to celebrate!

  31. San Francisco 49ers (-1) LW: 30

  32. Cleveland Browns (-1) LW: 31

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