Week 13 NFL Power Rankings: The AFC Isn’t Very Good

There’s a reason I’ve entitled this article “The AFC isn’t very good”. You’ll hear me say that a few times throughout this write up.

Let’s get to it.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles (-) LW: 1

    Another week, another top-ranking for the Eagles. Their toughest tests are upcoming, with a West Coast road trip that will include the Seahawks and Rams. After that, it’s easy sailing. They finish off the year with a game in New York against the awful Giants before hosting the struggling Raiders. Their season finale will be a home game against the rival Cowboys, who have seen better days. This team should finish as a top-two team in the deep NFC if everything goes the way it should.

  2. Minnesota Vikings (+1) LW: 3

    If you’re still sleeping on the Vikings (*cough cough* ESPN), then wake up. This team is without their top-two quarterbacks and rookie Dalvin Cook and still hold the second-best record in the NFL. Calling their defense outstanding would be an understatement, and the way Case Keenum is playing, you would assume he’s a top-tier quarterback. Pair all of that with the emergence of Adam Thielen and this team looking at the Super Bowl that will be played in their home stadium as a potential finale to this dream season. They’ve got two showdowns with the NFC South (Atlanta and Carolina) in the next two weeks, then it’s easy sailing with games against the Bengals, Packers (without Rodgers) and Bears. This team should finish around 13-3 if not better.

  3. Los Angeles Rams (+3) LW: 6

    Don’t let that loss to the #2 team get you down, Rams fans. You just beat the red-hot Saints and turned them into a one-dimensional team. That game had all the makings of an NFC Divisional Round playoff game, and Los Angeles proved they had what it takes to be a contender. The Rams will host the first-place Eagles in a couple of weeks and then travel to Seattle a week later. Survive those games and the Rams have a real shot at a bye week in the playoffs. Oh, and this team is super young. The future is bright in Los Angeles (unless you’re a Clippers fan).

  4. New England Patriots (-) LW: 4

    Woohoo. They beat the Dolphins. That’s such an accomplishment! This is the only good team in the AFC, so I guess I’ll rank them in the top-five. They should have a cakewalk to the Super Bowl. The only halfway decent team they have left on their schedule is the Steelers, and they just beat the Rodgers-less Packers thanks to a game-winning field goal (more on them later). Go ahead and give Brady another AFC Championship. He won’t even have to work for this one.

  5. New Orleans Saints (-3) LW: 2

    Tough break for the Saints. They faced off against an NFC powerhouse and fell just short. This team is still a contender, though. Put them in the AFC and they get a bye week in the playoffs. The NFC, however, is super deep this year. New Orleans will host Carolina this weekend in what could be the NFC South Championship game. The winner of the NFC South has lost the Super Bowl the last two years (Carolina in 2015 and Atlanta in 2016). Could the winner of that game make it three years in a row? It’s completely possible. The Saints have all the tools to make a deep playoff run.

    saints and panthers
    NFC South Championship in the Superdome? Image via panthers.com


  6. Carolina Panthers (+1) LW: 7

    Speaking of the NFC South, the Carolina Panthers are pretty good. Cam is playing well and if Greg Olsen can get healthy in time for the playoffs, this team could be dangerous. If they can pull off a win in the Superdome this weekend, they will control their own destiny for the NFC South.

  7. Pittsburg Steelers (-2) LW: 5

    They needed a game-winning field goal to put away the sorry Green Bay Packers. Mix that with a loss to the Bears and a close game with the Browns and you realize they’re not good. However, they’re still the second-best team in the AFC by a large margin.

  8. Atlanta Falcons (+1) LW: 9

    They’re starting to get hot. It’s very possible three of the four NFC South teams will make the playoffs. Julio Jones and Matt Ryan have returned to form in previous weeks. That’s a good sign since that duo made it to the Super Bowl a year ago.

  9. Seattle Seahawks (+1) LW: 10

  10. Jacksonville Jaguars (-2) LW: 8

    Blake Bortles is one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL and he is the sole reason the Jaguars are not contenders.

  11. Los Angeles Chargers (+1) LW: 12

    One of the hottest teams in the league, this team is still a game out of the playoffs.

  12. Tennessee Titans (+1) LW: 13

  13. Detroit Lions (-2) LW: 11

  14. Oakland Raiders (+2) LW: 16

  15. Washington Redskins (-) LW: 15

  16. Baltimore Ravens (+2) LW: 18

    alex collins.jpeg
    Photo via newstoday.com

    How does this team have a playoff spot? Oh yeah, because the AFC is a dumpster fire.

  17. Buffalo Bills (+6) LW: 23

    Is Tyrod Taylor better than Nathan Peterman? I’m not sure. Five interceptions in one half for Peterman versus a win against the Chiefs for Taylor. It’s a close discussion.

  18. New York Jets (+2) LW: 20

    It’s like they’re trying to tank but don’t know how.

  19. Kansas City Chiefs (-5) LW: 14

    Alex Smith is playing like Alex Smith again, and Kareem Hunt is playing like a rookie running back. Kansas City is done for, though they still lead the AFC West because, let me reiterate, the AFC is absolutely horrendous.

  20. Dallas Cowboys (-3) LW: 17

    “But if we had Zeke!”

  21. Green Bay Packers (+4) LW: 25

    Hey, you almost beat Pittsburg! That’s worth four spots.

  22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-1) LW: 21

  23. Miami Dolphins (-1) LW: 22

  24. Chicago Bears (-5) LW: 19

  25. Cincinnati Bengals (-1) LW: 24

  26. Arizona Cardinals (+2) LW: 28

  27. Houston Texans (-) LW: 27

  28. Denver Broncos (-2) LW: 26

  29. Indianapolis Colts (-) LW: 29

  30. New York Giants (-) LW: 30

    He was good in college. Photo via giants.com

    Geno Smith is starting this week, so that might be worth a spot or two.

  31. San Francisco 49ers (-) LW: 31

  32. Cleveland Browns (-) LW: 32

    Maybe someday.


-Featured Image via 247sports.com-

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