Week 15 NFL Power Rankings: What Now?

This one is going to upset people.

Carson Wentz, MVP Frontrunner, is out for the season after tearing his ACL in a win against the Los Angeles Rams. However, I did not take that into consideration when making these rankings. These are based on team success up to this point. The Eagles may not be the best team in the league going forward, but they were the best team on the field this week.

The Steelers now have the best record in football, but they needed a huge comeback (again) to beat the Ravens. Baltimore has been hot, but they’re still not an elite team.


dolphins pats
Photo via SI.com

The Patriots looked awful against the Miami Dolphins. Sure, they are missing a few players due to injury and suspension for putting WWE moves onto defenseless players, but that doesn’t matter. What product does a team put on the field?


It’s deeper than wins and losses and resumes. It’s how these teams perform against the competition. It’s how they manage what they have versus what they don’t. If the Eagles can’t win without Wentz they’re not the best team. If the Patriots can’t win with injuries, they aren’t either. If the Steelers have to keep coming back against mediocre competition, they definitely aren’t.

New Orleans lost to Atlanta, but the Saints looked like a complete team that made a couple mistakes late. They have the best backfield in the NFL, an elite quarterback, a good receiving core and, surprisingly, a solid defense.

The Panthers are the first team this year that has figured out how to combat the Vikings defense. The combo of Cam Newton and Jonathan Stewart was too much for their defensive front to handle. The Carolina defense was enough to keep Keenum and his receivers in check.


jags d
Photo via USAToday.com

The Jaguars shut the Seahawks down and proved that if they had a decent quarterback, they would be the team to beat in the AFC. They still might be. They’re looking much tougher than New England or Pittsburg. If Brady and Big Ben can’t throw against the Jaguars secondary, they can’t win.


I’m not worried about the Cowboys beating the Giants. I don’t care that the Bills beat the Colts in overtime or that Green Bay needed a 14-point fourth quarter comeback just to force overtime in Cleveland.

These rankings set no agenda. They surrender to no one. They may show some bias towards the Panthers, but if you don’t like that then make your own and show bias toward your team.

Just kidding, though. All bias is justified by the product on the field. So let’s get to them, shall we?

  1. Philadelphia Eagles (+1) LW: 2
  2. Carolina Panthers (+5) LW: 7
  3. Los Angeles Rams (+1) LW: 4
  4. New Orleans Saints (-1) LW: 3
  5. Minnesota Vikings (-4) LW: 1
  6. New England Patriots (-1) LW: 5
  7. Pittsburg Steelers (+1) LW: 8
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars (+1) LW: 9
  9. Atlanta Falcons (+1) LW: 10
  10. Los Angeles Chargers (+1) LW: 11
  11. Seattle Seahawks (-5) LW: 6
  12. Baltimore Ravens (-) LW: 12
  13. Detroit Lions (+3) LW: 16
  14. Dallas Cowboys (+4) LW: 18
  15. Kansas City Chiefs (+7) LW: 22
  16. Miami Dolphins (+1) LW: 17
  17. Tennessee Titans (-1) LW: 16
  18. Oakland Raiders (-4) LW: 14
  19. Green Bay Packers (-) LW: 19
  20. Chicago Bears (+4) LW: 24
  21. Buffalo Bills (-) LW: 21
  22. Arizona Cardinals (+3) LW: 25
  23. New York Jets (-8) LW: 15
  24. Washington Redskins (-4) LW: 20
  25. Cincinnati Bengals (-2) LW: 25
  26. San Francisco 49ers (+3) LW: 29
  27. Houston Texans (-1) LW: 26
  28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-1) LW: 27
  29. Denver Broncos (+1) LW: 30
  30. Indianapolis Colts (-2) LW: 28
  31. Cleveland Browns (+1) LW: 32
  32. New York Giants (-1) LW: 31

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