Week 16 NFL Power Rankings: Sorry, Seattle

I already know that a lot of you are going to hate these, but a lot of you will love them just as well.

It was an exciting weekend of football, to say the least. There were several makeshift playoff games, rivalry action between division foes and games between conference powerhouses.

The Los Angeles Rams came away as the most impressive team of the weekend and it wasn’t even close. They went to Seattle, a team fighting for a playoff spot on their home field, and won 42-7. Todd Gurley II didn’t even have to play more than a couple of drives in the second half to score three touchdowns on the ground (to go along with 152 yards) and another in the air on a total of 24 touches. It was complete domination from start to finish for the NFC West leaders.


cammmm boi.jpg
“You been watching film, huh? That’s cool. Watch this.” – Cam Newton to Clay Matthews (link to video here). Photo via catcrave.com

Another team that was fighting for their lives were the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers made his return against a hot Carolina team. Though the Packers made a push towards the end, they could not overcome Rodgers three interceptions. Cam Newton finished with 242 yards and four touchdowns through the air and added 58 yards on the ground. The Panthers eliminated the Packers from playoff contention (in part due to a win by the Falcons over the Buccaneers) and solidified their spot as one of the best teams in the NFC.


I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the Pittsburg and New England game. I won’t go into my opinions on the “catch vs. no catch” debate, but I can’t in good faith give the Patriots too much credit for their win. The Steelers looked like the better team on the field, outplayed the Patriots without their best player, and had a game-winning touchdown taken off the board. The Patriots won the battle, but the war for the AFC is still very well alive.


bortles again.jpg
Image via BlackAndTeal.com

The Jacksonville Jaguars may be the most slept-on team in the league right now. They just destroyed division rival Houston 45-7. Without Leonard Fournette. Wow. Blake Bortles has been playing like a competent quarterback as of late (326 yards and three touchdowns on 21/29 passing), and the Jaguars are looking like a serious threat in the AFC Playoff picture. Don’t be surprised if this team makes it to at least the AFC Championship game after an upset of either the Steelers or Patriots. They’re in the playoffs for the first time in 10 years.


Jimmy Goropollo is now 3-0 as a 49er, extending his career record to 6-0.

The Eagles offense didn’t miss a step with Nick Foles throwing for four touchdowns, but their defense gave up 29 points and 434 yards to opposing quarterback Eli Manning. That could be a sign of serious concern going into the playoffs where the Eagles will potentially face quarterbacks such as Drew Brees and Matt Ryan, not to mention a potential Super Bowl matchup against Ben Roethlisberger or Tom Brady.

The Cowboys held on to their playoff hopes with a last-second victory over the Raiders.

Poor Browns. They were up 7-3 at one point.

Anyway, let’s get to my controversial (but accurate) rankings.

  1. Los Angeles Rams (+2) LW: 3
  2. Carolina Panthers (-) LW: 2
  3. Minnesota Vikings (+2) LW: 5
  4. Philadelphia Eagles (-3) LW: 1
  5. New England Patriots (+1) LW: 6
  6. New Orleans Saints (-2) LW: 4
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars (+2) LW: 9
  8. Pittsburg Steelers (-1) LW: 7
  9. Atlanta Falcons (-1) LW: 8
  10. Baltimore Ravens (+2) LW: 12
  11. Kansas City Chiefs (+4) LW: 15
  12. Dallas Cowboys (+2) LW: 14
  13. Seattle Seahawks (-2) LW: 11
  14. Detroit Lions (-1) LW: 13
  15. Buffalo Bills (+6) LW: 21
  16. Los Angeles Chargers (-5) LW: 10
  17. Oakland Raiders (+2) LW: 18
  18. Green Bay Packers (+1) LW: 19
  19. Tennessee Titans (-3) LW: 16
  20. Miami Dolphins (-3) LW: 17
  21. San Francisco 49ers (+5) LW: 26
  22. Chicago Bears (-2) LW: 20
  23. Washington Redskins (+1) LW: 24
  24. New York Jets (-1) LW: 23
  25. Arizona Cardinals (-3) LW: 22
  26. Cincinnati Bengals (-1) LW: 25
  27. Denver Broncos (+2) LW: 29
  28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-) LW: 28
  29. Houston Texans (-2) LW: 27
  30. New York Giants (+2) LW: 32
  31. Indianapolis Colts (-1) LW: 30
  32. Cleveland Browns (-1) LW: 31


-Featured Image via Zimbio.com-

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