NCAA Basketball: How do the Hogs Stack Up?

Dec 21, 2017

by Chase Gage



FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — With SEC play about to start in college basketball, when could there be a better time to see how the Arkansas Razorbacks stack up against the competition?

The Hogs currently sit at 9-2 with one more non-conference game before the real season begins. They will face CSU Bakersfield on Dec. 27 before their SEC-opening showdown with 21st-ranked Tennessee at Bud Walton Arena.

Before we look at the rest of the league, let us first examine the Arkansas resume.

Just Win Baby

Big Wins: Margin of Victory
Oklahoma 9
UConn 35
Minnesota 16
Other Wins:  
Samford 39
Bucknell 28
Fresno State 8
Colorado State 26
Troy 25
Oral Roberts 35
North Carolina 19
Houston 26


Margin of Victory:

Wins by:  
20+ Points 6
30+ Points 3
Games With:  
80+ Points 9
90+ Points 7
100+ Points


*Outscoring opponents at Bud Walton by 152 points (25.3 ppg)

Versus the SEC

SEC Standings (No Conference Games)

Team Overall Record
Auburn 10-1
Texas A&M 10-1
Miss State 10-1
Kentucky 9-1
Missouri 10-2
Arkansas 9-2
Georgia 8-2
Tennessee 8-2
Alabama 8-3
South Carolina 8-3
LSU 7-3
Florida 7-4
Ole Miss 6-5
Vanderbilt 4-7


BPI Rankings

Team BPI Rank (Top 50)
Texas A&M 20
Arkansas 22
Florida 33
Tennessee 34
Kentucky 35
Auburn 36
Missouri 41
Alabama 48

RPI Rankings

Team RPI Rank (Top 50)
Missouri 3
Texas A&M 6
Arkansas 11
Tennessee 12
Kentucky 19
Alabama 21
Auburn 26
South Carolina 40
Florida 49

SOS Rankings

The Strength of Schedule rankings can be a bit off this time of year. The algorithms show favor to smaller schools that play Power Five competition. For example, 0-12 Texas Southern is ranked No. 1 in SOS. Only four SEC teams fell in the Top 50, and only five in the Top 100. So, take these with a grain of salt. They will change drastically once conference play starts.

Team SOS Rank (Top 100)
Tennessee 16
Florida 18
Vanderbilt 23
Texas A&M 48
Arkansas 77

If the Tournament Started Today

This one is even more out there than the SOS. These rankings are based on if the NCAA Tournament selection was today before conference play starts. These rankings are most likely to fluctuate the most compared to the others. This simply gives us an idea of how well fellow SEC teams have done in the non-conference season. Take these with an even bigger grain of salt because they basically mean nothing at this point. They are interesting, though. Alabama fell as the sixth team out, coming in at 74. Only the top 68 make the tournament.

Team Seed Overall Seed
Texas A&M 2 5
Tennessee 4 15
Kentucky 5 17
Auburn 6 21
Arkansas 6 24
Missouri 8 29
Georgia 9 36


*All rankings via as of December 21, 2017.

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