Week 17 NFL Power Rankings: Exposing ESPN

Dec. 27, 2017

by Chase Gage

Another week, another Panthers win, another awful outing by ESPN to try to rank all 32 NFL teams, and another perfect ranking system for SlingShot Sports. Let’s get to it.


Week 16 Recap


gurley does it again
Photo via GettyImages.com

Todd Gurley II should win the MVP. The Rams were an afterthought before the season started, and right now they’re playing the best football in the league. The emergence of second-year quarterback Jared Goff couldn’t have lined up better with Gurley’s phenomenal season, making this the best offensive team in football.


The Panthers struggled some against the Buccaneers but relied on their strong defense and former MVP quarterback Cam Newton to get the job done with just seconds left on the clock.

The Patriots got another should-be touchdown overturned, but this time it didn’t matter. They dominated the Bills down the stretch, securing their spot atop the AFC.

The Eagles are starting to look, well, not good. Foles struggled in his second outing as the starter this season, but the Eagles were able to outlast the Raiders to secure the top seed in the NFC.

The Browns are going for history in Week 17 after losing again. They can join the 2008 Lions (0-16) and the 1976 Buccaneers (0-14) as the worst teams in NFL history. They play the Steelers, so you might as well pencil them in.

The Vikings shut out the Packers just a week after their postseason dreams were destroyed by Carolina.

The Saints demonstrated how hard it will be to win in the Superdome in the playoffs. Brees, Ingram and Kamara are as deadly of a trio as there is in the NFL. Whoever draws the Saints in the NFC playoff could be in serious trouble.

Blake Bortles showed his true colors by throwing three picks to one of the worst defenses in football. The Jacksonville defense gave up 44 points to a relatively new starting quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo. By the way, he is now 6-0 as a starting quarterback in the NFL and has won four-straight for a 49ers team that had just one win before he got there.

The Cowboys lost at home to the Seahawks to end their playoff dreams, and on the way, this happened:


take that zeek.JPG
Take that, Zeke. Photo via DallasNews.com


A lot of other stuff happened too, but who really cares that the Cardinals beat the Giants or that the Jets and Dolphins lost?

Exposing ESPN

I won’t say anything so that you can draw your own conclusions.

I’ll just leave this here. This is something interesting I found.


Vegas Super Bowl Odds ESPN NFL Power Rankings
1.       New England Patriots (+1800) 1.       New England Patriots
2.       Minnesota Vikings (4-1) 2.       Pittsburg Steelers
3.       Pittsburg Steelers (9-2) 3.       Minnesota Vikings
4.       New Orleans Saints (7-1) 4.       Los Angeles Rams
5.       Los Angeles Rams (9-1) 5.       Philadelphia Eagles
6.       Philadelphia Eagles (12-1) 6.       New Orleans Saints
7.       Jacksonville Jaguars (12-1) 7.       Carolina Panthers
8.       Carolina Panthers (18-1) 8.       Kansas City Chiefs
9.       Kansas City Chiefs (25-1) 9.       Jacksonville Jaguars
10.   Baltimore Ravens (25-1) 10.   Baltimore Ravens


The Real, Undisputable, Undeniable Week 17 NFL Power Rankings by SlingShot Sports NEA

  1. Los Angeles Rams (-) LW: 1
  2. New England Patriots (+3) LW: 5
  3. New Orleans Saints (+3) LW: 6
  4. Carolina Panthers (-2) LW: 2
  5. Minnesota Vikings (-2) LW: 3
  6. Pittsburg Steelers (+2) LW: 8
  7. Philadelphia Eagles (-3) LW: 4
  8. Baltimore Ravens (+2) LW: 8
  9. Jacksonville Jaguars (-2) LW: 7
  10. Atlanta Falcons (-1) LW: 9
  11. Kansas City Chiefs (-) LW: 11
  12. Seattle Seahawks (+1) LW: 13
  13. Los Angeles Chargers (+3) LW: 16
  14. Dallas Cowboys (-2) LW: 12
  15. San Francisco 49ers (+6) LW: 21
  16. Detroit Lions (-2) LW: 14
  17. Buffalo Bills (-2) LW: 15
  18. Tennessee Titans (+1) LW: 19
  19. Oakland Raiders (-2) LW: 17
  20. Green Bay Packers (-2) LW: 18
  21. Miami Dolphins (-1) LW: 20
  22. Chicago Bears (-) LW: 22
  23. Washington Redskins (-) LW: 23
  24. Arizona Cardinals (+1) LW: 25
  25. Cincinnati Bengals (+1) LW: 26
  26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+2) LW: 28
  27. New York Jets (-3) LW: 24
  28. Denver Broncos (-1) LW: 27
  29. Houston Texans (-) LW: 29
  30. Indianapolis Colts (+1) LW: 31
  31. New York Giants (-1) LW: 30
  32. Cleveland Browns (-) LW: 32

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