How Bad are the Hogs at Defending the Three? Worse Than You Think

Feb 3, 2018

by Chase Gage


JONESBORO, Ark. — From watching the Razorbacks this season, it’s seemed that every team they play can’t miss from the three-point line. For instance, LSU shot 15-30 (50.0%) from behind the arc today.

So I decided to do some homework.

In SEC play (4-5), the Hogs are atrocious at guarding the three. In all but two games, the opponent shot better than their yearly percentage from behind the arc.

Have a look for yourself.

3PT Percentage by SEC Team – Season, versus Arkansas

Team Season 3pt Percentage 3pt Percentage vs Arkansas
Tennessee 39.4 44.0 (11-25)
Mississippi State 29.9 19.0 (4-21)
Auburn 37.8 55.0 (11-20)
LSU 34.3 22.2 (4-18)

50.0 (15-30)

Total: 39.5 (19-48)

Missouri 37.6 37.9 (11-29)
Florida 38.5 52.0 (13-25)
Ole Miss 33.2 37.9 (11-29)
Georgia 31.6 40.9 (9-22)
Texas A&M 32.7 38.5 (10-26)

Season (SEC Play):  99-245 (40.4)

If Arkansas expects to win games in the Southeastern Conference, this trend cannot be allowed to continue.

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