High on the Hogs: Final Resume Update Before Selection Sunday

March 6, 2018

by Chase Gage

JONESBORO, Ark — And just like that, the regular season has come and gone. Next up is the SEC Tournament, then make sure you’ve got your dancing shoes polished and ready.

Arkansas finished the 2018 regular season tied for fourth in the SEC with a record of 21-10 (10-8 SEC). They received the six seed in the SEC Tournament and will face the winner of South Carolina and Ole Miss Thursday afternoon.

No matter what happens in St. Louis this week, come Selection Sunday, Hog fans should fully expect to hear Arkansas’ name called. The only question now is where they will be seeded.

The SEC Tournament can help or hurt the Razorback resume, but shouldn’t have too much of an impact on it one way or the other. A loss in their first game will surely set them back, but a win won’t really move them forward. To get any boost, they would need an “upset” win over Florida and possibly even a trip to the championship game. It seems that a win in the first game will have them all but locked into the 6/7 spot. A loss would open the door for an 8 seed, but a couple wins would push them closer to a 6 seed. The Hogs would likely need to win the whole darn thing to be considered for a 5 seed at this point, but it could happen.

To get a clearer picture of how the Hogs stack up, let’s look at the rest of the SEC.

SEC Resumes and Projections

Team (Record) RPI Bracket Matrix Score* CBS Seed ESPN Seed
Auburn (25-6, 13-5) 8 2.65 3 3
Tennessee (23-7, 13-5) 9 3.00 3 3
Florida (20-11, 11-7) 38 5.64 7 5
Arkansas (21-10, 10-8) 30 7.08 6 7
Kentucky (21-10, 10-8) 17 5.25 5 6
Missouri (20-11, 10-8) 33 8.26 8 8
Texas A&M (20-11, 9-9) 24 6.58 8 7
On the Outside Looking In
Alabama (17-14, 8-10) 58 11.06 N/A 11 (First Four)

*Bracket Matrix averages over 100 difference bracket projections into one comprehensive “average” seed score. Updated 3/6/2018 9:40 A.M.

Now that we see how the rest of the SEC looks, let’s dive all the way into Arkansas’ resume.

The following breaks down every RPI Top-100 win as well as every loss this season for the Razorbacks. With a resume like this, there is absolutely not even a shadow of a doubt that they will be one of the 68 teams selected. The only question is who they will be playing.

Full Arkansas Resume, Regular Season

Arkansas Razorbacks RPI: 30 SOS: 35
Overall: Home: Road: Neutral:
21-10, 10-8 SEC 15-2 3-7 3-1
Versus RPI Rankings
1-25: 26-50: 51-100: 101+:
3-5 2-2 5-3 11-0
RPI Top-100 Wins RPI Losses (Worst to Best) RPI
Auburn 8 LSU (x2) 87
Tennessee 9 Mississippi State 72
Texas A&M 24 Florida 38
Missouri 31 Missouri 31
Oklahoma 37 Texas A&M 24
Alabama 58 Houston 19
South Carolina 80 Kentucky 17
Georgia 83 Auburn 8
Bucknell 84 North Carolina 6
Oklahoma State 88

SEC Tournament Bracket

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