Bubble Teams: Blind Resume

Everyone loves a blind resume test.

The following are ten teams that are considered to be on the bubble coming into Selection Sunday. I have laid out the resumes for each team and compared them to one another.

Four of these ten teams will (likely) make the field, while the other six will (likely) be left out.

You be the judge of who you would put in and leave out. The teams will be listed in order at the end of the article.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter! Tag me (@ChaseGage1) to let me know who you would have dancing and which teams would have to put their dancing shoes up in hopes of next year.

Team One Team Two
Record 18-13 (8-10) 19-14 (8-10)
RPI 48 90
SOS 25 52
Vs RPI Top-50 6-8 7-10
Best Wins Kansas

Wichita State

Texas Tech

TCU (x2)

Kansas (x2)

Texas Tech

West Virginia

Oklahoma (x2)

Worst Loss: Iowa State (RPI 143) Baylor (RPI 68)
Last 10 Games 2-8 5-5
Projection Last Four In First Four Out
Team Three Team Four
Record 19-14 (8-10) 24-7 (16-2)
RPI 50 33
SOS 19 89
Vs RPI Top-50 7-9 3-3
Best Wins Texas Tech


West Virginia



Oklahoma (x2)

Western Kentucky (x2)

Murray State


Ole Miss

Worst Loss: Oklahoma State (RPI 90) Southern Miss (RPI 207)
Last 10 Games 4-6 8-2
Projection Last Four In Next Four Out
Team Five Team Six
Record 20-13 (9-9) 20-14 (8-10)
RPI 38 70
SOS 14 44
Vs RPI Top-50 0-11 2-9
Best Wins Florida State (x2)

Virginia Tech (x2)

Notre Dame

Wichita State


Florida State

Virginia Tech

Worst Loss: NC State (RPI 64) Georgia Tech (RPI 160)
Last 10 Games 4-6 6-4
Projection First Four Out First Four Out
Team Seven Team Eight
Record 20-11 (8-10) 28-5 (16-2)
RPI 66 40
SOS 74 168
Vs RPI Top-50 4-2 2-1
Best Wins Xavier





New Mexico State

BYU (x2)

Worst Loss: Oregon State (RPI 137) Washington State (RPI 180)
Last 10 Games 4-6 7-3
Projection Last Four In Last Four In
Team Nine Team Ten
Record 18-14 (8-10) 20-13 (8-10)
RPI 68 45
SOS 21 17
Vs RPI Top-50 6-11 4-7
Best Wins Kansas

Texas Tech



Texas (x2)





Virginia Tech

Worst Loss: Iowa State (RPI 143) Georgia Tech (RPI 160)
Last 10 Games 6-4 5-5
Projection First Four Out Next Four Out


  1. Oklahoma
  2. Oklahoma State
  3. Texas
  4. Middle Tennessee
  5. Louisville
  6. Notre Dame
  7. Arizona State
  8. Mary’s
  9. Baylor
  10. Syracuse

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