SEC Tournament Pick ‘Em (Championship)

Here we are. The SEC Championship.

It’s been a fun ride, but all good things must come to an end, I suppose. Over the last five days, we have competed for that coveted $10 Buffalo Wild Wings gift card, but in the end, there can only be one winner.

Technically, I already won the contest (it was rigged). However, I am not eligible for the grand prize, thus it is still up for grabs.

Five contestants finished the semifinals with a record of 8-4, good enough for a tie for second place. They have all submitted their Championship picks and a score for the tie-breaker. Winner takes the cake (or more likely wings, in this case).

@ChaseGage1 (Champion) 10-2
@MasonNewberry 6-6
@RickGage2 7-5
@kevinahulett 8-4
@Devon_Newton25 7-5
@clarkeric188 8-4
@jacksoncollier 8-4
@HawgHoops 7-5
@AE17gohogs 7-5
@HawgHatJoe 7-3
@mjgodush 6-6
@lilwasn 7-5
@WarMachine2013 5-7
@JimmyCorley1 7-5
@Bender3352 7-5
@LukeFox_11 8-4
@DrewSmith29 8-4

4 Kentucky vs 2 Tennessee, 12 P.M. CT, ESPN

Who ya got?

Score (Tiebreaker)
@ChaseGage1 (10-2) tenn 101-5 (If this happens, I’ll go crazy and fully believe I’m psychic)
@jacksoncollier (8-4) tenn 75-67
@LukeFox_11 (8-4) UK logo 78-71
@DrewSmith29 (8-4) tenn 68-60
@clarkeric188 (8-4)  tenn  72-69
@kevinahulett (8-4)



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