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Mission Statement: What is SlingShot Sports NEA?

Here at SlingShot Sports, we thrive on catering to our local sports first. Local sports deserve more attention than they get from the local media. We are here to provide great sports journalism in a fun, non-traditional way that caters to generations past and future. At SlingShot Sports, Northeast Arkansas comes first and the world comes second. We love sports, but we love our readers even more. Everything we do is 100% non-profit. We do what we do because we love it, not to make money. Our readers are our bosses, no one else.

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SlingShot Sports High School Football Coverage 2017 Recap


9/1 – Brookland @ Cedar Ridge

9/8 – Pocahontas @ Paragould

9/15 – Manila @ Brookland

9/22 – Valley View @ Paragould 

9/29 – Highland @ Brookland

11/2 – Cave City @ Brookland


 Fantasy Football Subsidiary Website: The Lovable Commish!


Hello, all!

You may be wondering what is up with the odd name choice. SlingShot Sports? That doesn’t even make sense! Well, I wish I could say that it has some deeper meaning, or that it’s a reference that only “real sports fans” would understand, but alas, I cannot.

My name is Chase Gage. My fantasy football team name is Slingshot enGAGE (Talladega Nights reference and a pun all in the same name?!?). Thus, Slingshot Sports was born.

I began my sportswriting journey on my personal website but I have since outgrown it in terms of sportswriting. I will still keep it up and running, though all sports content will now be distributed via this site. It will make for a much better experience for both myself, and of course, you, the readers.

I hope you enjoy this site even more than you did my other one. I can’t wait to take the next step towards my goals through your help and support.

  • Chase

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