Meet The Crew!

We here at SlingShot Sports would like to take a minute to appreciate the hard working crew that keeps us going and producing the best sports content on the internet for you. Here is everyone involved with this project. Let’s give them all a round of applause, shall we?


Chase Gage

Site Director, Manager, CEO and Founder, Head Journalist, Editor in Chief


Chase is a Journalism student at Arkansas State University. He lives in Brookland, Arkansas and has aspirations to make SlingShot Sports into the next big thing in Northeast Arkansas.

Favorite Teams:

  • NFL: Carolina Panthers
  • NBA: Boston Celtics
  • NCAA: Arkansas Razorbacks

Kevin Hulett

Senior NFL Insider, Associate Journalist, Fantasy Football Expert, Founder of ‘The Lovable Commish’

kev kev
Mr. Hulett (left) and his Fiancee, Natalie Lipsky (right)

Kevin is an Exercise Science student at Arkansas State University. He resides in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Upon graduation, Mr. Hulett plans to enroll in the Physical Therapy program at Arkansas State. He is engaged to be married to the lovely Ms. Natalie Lipsky in 2018.

Mr. Hulett aspires to bring SlingShot the best and hottest NFL and Fantasy Football news, while also representing his Fantasy Football league, The Association.

Mr. Hulett was brought on as the second member of our team after an agreement on a buyout of his website, The Lovable Commish, which will still be up and running, only now under the management of SlingShot Sports in conjunction with Mr. Hulett.

Favorite Teams:

  • NFL: Dallas Cowboys
  • MLB: St. Louis Cardinals

Matthew Gilmer

Social Media Associate, Trash-Talk Specialist, Fantasy Football Expert

matty matt
Mr. Gilmer (right) and his Fiancee, Randi Mullins (left)

Matthew is a contributor to the social media pages here at SlingShot Sports. Gilmer resides in Jonesboro, AR, and works for his family business, Gilmer Construction. He is engaged to be married to the lovely Ms. Randi Mullins.

Mr. Gilmer was hired on for his ferocity on social media and his “trash-talking” ability. In the modern age of Twitter, if you aren’t witty enough, you’ll get eaten alive. Mr. Gilmer refuses to let that happen.

When a guy like Matthew wants to be part of your team, you celebrate.

Favorite Teams:

  • NFL: Los Angeles Rams
  • NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves, Utah Jazz

Devon Newton

Business Administrator, NFL and NBA Commentator, Fantasy Football Expert


Devon is the new Business Administrator here at SlingShot Sports. He earned this position thanks to the fact that he is a Business Administration major at Arkansas State University. Upon graduation, Mr. Newton plans on owning his own business.

Mr. Newton was also brought onto our team to provide a fun, entertaining (and maybe slightly biased, which we love) voice for SlingShot Sports.

There are good athletes, and then there is Mr. Newton. There isn’t a sport that he can’t win at. Those are the guys we love at SlingShot: winners that refuse to lose.

Favorite Teams:

  • NFL: Los Angeles Rams
  • NBA: LeBron James
  • NCAA: Arkansas Razorbacks


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